Wednesday, February 9, 2011

           Thanks for dropping by on this page. Your presence on this blog is highly appreciated! I am hundred percent sure that by the time you shall take your leave on this page, you would have been imbued with the simplest but powerful secret which will surely land you your first or next online income within the next few days.
                My letter is mostly targeted to the absolute newbie and most importantly, College or High School students striving to earn extra income online to finance themselves through school. Well, if you are a low income earner and seek an extra source, you are also welcome.
                If you are looking for where to start earning extra $4,000/month online, you had better look elsewhere. This isn’t for you. The model I am about to introduce to you is only capable of earning you some hundreds of bucks monthly. Why? It’s not a full time job. Just a part-time online job. In as much as this model isn’t an high tech or sophisticated one that may bore or sap you, then, I can only assure you of between the range of $500 and $1,500 monthly. This, is a sure bet.
                Never mind if you have laid your hands on some systems in the past which never lived up to your expectations. You are not alone in such circumstances. I have been there several times. Need I tell you that I have been online for almost a decade (since 2002). As such, I have come across several online business models; some have worked others never. Of all that have worked, I have singled out one for the beginners and absolute newbie (If you have been online for long but, you have never made substantial plus consistent income online, you are still a newbie). Through painstaking research, I have been able to single out this business model.
                If all you want is, “just show me a business model that will henceforth be making me $500- $1,500 monthly consistently”. Here is a flexible, simple and subtle online business that is certain to earn you some hundreds of bucks at the end of the month, search no more. Here is an online business model that I have singled out for you. Okay, take a look at the distinguishing features:

-You need just an hour daily online at your convenience

-It is duplicable to earn you even more income

-Least possible income is $500/month

-No income limit: Commitment dictates your income.


                Fiverr is an online community where products, services e.t.c are bought and sold for just $5 only. Think of what product you have or that service you can render for just $5, you are good to go! Come down to fiverr, put up a gig and bang! Anyone interested contact you and your money comes in as soon as you render the service. You can simply take a look at to have a feel of what it looks like and how it works.
                Welcome Back. Now that you have had a feel of fiverr, you might be contemplating in your sub-conscious mind what exactly you are going to offer on fiverr to start rolling in the bucks. Never be too bothered because, I have already strategized it all for you in my “FIVERR & CO ONLINE WEALTH”. In this guide, I have given ideas on all possible services you can render. The beauty in this is that you would need just 2 – 5 minutes to get an order delivered. This means that, within an hour, you should deliver at least 12 orders (The orders will keeps flowing in once you have the right strategy in place). What is the point of rendering a service for just $5 and you spend up to 30minutes fulfilling the order. In fact, there are some readymade services which you can render; all you’ve got to do is just to make a purchase right there on fiverr and you get your service ready.

                I have just talked about fiverr in isolation. But, in absolute truth, there are other websites that do exactly what fiverr does. Even, some of them do not limit their services to $5 like fiverr. Some order a gig for as much as $20. This means that if you accomplish 25 orders in a month from such, you have your $500 easily.
                As such, I have compiled 11 gig offering websites (fiverr inclusive). The beauty of this is that if you have a service to render on fiverr, you can easily duplicate the service on 10 other gig offering sites. You know what this means? More residual incomes. Let’s take a look at the income analysis.

                You put up a gig on fiverr… “I will help you to submit your article to over 800 article directories for just $5” For you to put up a gig like this, that means, you have a software that is capable of submitting an article to over 800 article directories. Fine! Believe me, this kind of job can be done within 3 minutes because, the buyer is providing the article to be submitted.
                Now, you put this up on fiverr and by the end of the month, you fulfilled 20 orders. That is 20 x $5. This gives $100 from fiverr in a month. But remember, we had put up this same gig up in 10 other gig offering websites and we made $100 from each as well. That in totality will give us $1,100 for that month. Isn’t this realistic? You shall come to see that it is highly realistic if you apply the strategies in my “FIVERR & co ONLINE WEALTH”.

                20 sales/month on fiverr = 20x$5= $100
                Average of 15 sales each from 10 other websites at the least possible rate of $5
                = 15 x 10 x $5= $750
          This means that the least possible income that you can make from “FIVERR & co ONLINE WEALTH” is $850/month.
       Yes, the choice is absolutely yours. You either sit and watch others make money online or you join them in making money online. You’ve got to pay the price.

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